04/2022 – 10/2023: Department of Justice

Implementing the backend of a lawsuit management software.

The German Department of Justice initiated the project and aims to implement nationwide software to manage lawsuits. My task was to design, implement, and test the backend part of this system.


  • Developing with IntelliJ and Java-17
  • API-Specification with openAPI and implement the backend with Spring Boot
  • Running with Spring Boot
  • Organized with Jira and GitHub
  • Build with maven and Jenkins pipeline  


Design and developing µService endpoints with Spring Boot in consultation with the frontend team. Test the endpoints with JUnit to get a test coverage above 90%. Describing backend integration tests with IntelliJ HTTP-component.


µServices, Spring Boot 2, Java 17, Groovy, Docker, Docker-Compose, Swagger, Lombok, MapStruct, JBoss, J2EE, MySQL/MariaDB, JUnit, Mockito, maven, GIT, Lucene 3.8 / 9.2.0, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Jira, Confluence, GitLab, Jenkins, RedMine

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