07/2019 – 04/2021: Public Administration

Developing a platform for German Tax offices.

The project builds a platform for the German tax investigation. It includes opening new investigations, following the progress, and creating legal documents. Because of the federal structure of Germany, the documents needed to be built in different ways for the individual states.


  • Developing under IntelliJ with Java 8 to 11
  • Running under JBoss and UNIFA-Client
  • Translation of data with XSLT
  • Document creation with OpenOffice / KOS
  • Integration into the German „KONSENS” environment


Developing business services, programming documents, maintaining legacy code, enhancing the test environment.


Java 8, Oracle DB, Weld (CDI), ISA Dialog Manager, IntelliJ, Eclipse, GIT, maven, OpenOffice, XST, KOV-Drucktechnik, Windows 7 & 10, Linux

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