03/2006 – 07/2015: Insurance

Massive model-driven development of a claim settlement application.

The customer needs a new application for claims settlement. The application must run in a multi-channel environment (HTML and swing frontend). Therefore, a massive model-driven development was chosen to implement the application.


  • Design a sustainable architecture based on the business requirements
  • Building a massive model-driven development process
  • Building Generators and expressive UML-Models
  • Implementation and operation of the application
  • Introducing new employees
  • Implementing business and law requirements
  • Supporting operation and maintaining the application


Lead developer/team leader, architecture/design, concepts, implementation, and tests.


UML2, MagicDraw, Java 1.7, Swing, J2EE, JPA 2, cgv19 Generator (own development), Spring 3.5

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