10/2014 – 02/2022: E-Commerce

Backend-Application for eBay-Dealers (Book market). The project creates and maintains a platform for eBay dealers. It simplifies the creation of new offers and tracks the stock with the offers on eBay. It integrates data from eBay, book databases, and distributors. The system was built with Vaadin on a GlassFish container. Later, it was migrated to

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07/2016 – 12/2017: Insurance

A REST-Full Angular architecture for insurance calculators. The project creates a new base technology for building insurance calculators with Angular 4 (TypeScript). Communication with the backend via REST-Calls. The system offers highly interactive frontends that validate every calculator field after any value change. The frontend is free of business rules, stateless, highly scalable, and follows

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04/2014 – 12/2016: Insurance

Combined calculator for life insurance. The customer wanted a calculator for several products in the life insurance domain. The calculator must integrate several systems and present them as one new product. Thus, all contracts can be sold as one product. Details Activities Responsible for the architecture, leading the development team, and optimization of time-critical processes.

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03/2006 – 07/2015: Insurance

Massive model-driven development of a claim settlement application. The customer needs a new application for claims settlement. The application must run in a multi-channel environment (HTML and swing frontend). Therefore, a massive model-driven development was chosen to implement the application. Details Activities Lead developer/team leader, architecture/design, concepts, implementation, and tests. IT-Technologies UML2, MagicDraw, Java 1.7,

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03/2006 – 07/2009: Insurance

Further development of an external sales system for the business offices of an insurance company. The system includes all business transactions of an insurance agency, especially creating offers and contracts. Details Activities Architecture consulting, implementation, and tests. IT-Technologies Ant, CVS, DB2, Eclipse, HTML, J2EE, Java, JavaScript, JDBC, JUnit, Camunda, NetBeans, Chrome-Extension-API, OJB, OOD, OR-Mapping, OS/2,

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01/2002 – 07/2005: Insurance

Sales system for the agencies of an insurance company. The system includes all business transactions required by an insurance company agency. The project was focused on the reimplementation of the creation of offers and contracts. These transactions need to be integrated into the legacy system. Details Activities Consulting in architecture, implementation, and tests. IT-Technologies Ant,

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