KeyCloak in Spring Boot

This category collects my experiences with KeyCloak as an identity provider in conjunction with Spring Boot and Docker-Compose.

SpringBoot – SAML 2.0 – KeyCloak

There are some examples on the internet to demonstrate how to configure spring-boot version 3+ to use a SAML 2.0 identity provider, but they are using OKTA and not KeyCloak. This is a demo of implementing SAML 2.0 with spring boot using KeyCloak as IDP. It was pretty challenging because of the little changes to be made when using KeyCloak instead of Okta or adfs. Tip Error detection in SAML…

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Using KeyCloak on your local machine

Every project with more than one user must have some authentication and authorization. These days, there is a quite handy and easy to user solution for user management that comes in a project called [KeyCloak]( “KeyCloak”). KeyCloak provides all necessary functionality like user registration, sign-in, and sign-in via Google, Facebook, and whatnot, all with support for modern standards like OICD.
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