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What Services I’m Providing


Customized software

Specializing in freelance web developer, I craft bespoke web applications tailored to your unique needs.

From concept to code, I bring a wealth of expertise to transform your vision into a seamless and engaging online experience.



As a seasoned freelance software modernization expert, I specialize in breathing new life into your digital ecosystem.

Whether you want to revamp outdated interfaces or upgrade underlying technologies, I bring expertise to modernize your software seamlessly.

Problem Analysis

With expertise in problem analytics, I specialize in unraveling complexities to identify and resolve issues within your software ecosystem.

When you encounter obstacles, I bring a keen analytical eye and a wealth of expertise to diagnose problems swiftly and implement effective solutions.

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Latest Posts

A collection of short guides and documentation on domains I’ve worked on or find interesting.

SpringBoot – SAML 2.0 – KeyCloak

There are some examples on the internet to demonstrate how to configure spring-boot version 3+ to use a SAML 2.0 identity provider, but they are using OKTA and not KeyCloak. This is a demo of implementing SAML 2.0 with spring boot using KeyCloak as IDP….

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Absolute Paths in NestJS

In order to import application components via a relative path in a Node.js application, it might be better to use absolute paths. With absolute paths, you can move your components wherever you want, and you can see exactly what an import is all about on the import path. To activate this in a TypeScript…

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…installing a “Transaction Monitor” When I first heard someone talking about COBOL online programs, they always used the term “transaction monitor” and CICS. As a Java developer, I wondered why monitoring a database transaction is so important for developing the 3270-Screens. As I learned now,…

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Work Philosophy



As an experienced Java developer, I have successfully implemented many projects over 20 years.
The ability to find and implement solutions was crucial. Flexible, complex approaches often contrast with more straightforward, specific solutions. A balanced middle ground requires experience in projects from conception to production.


As a freelance software developer, I take full responsibility for the code, testing, documentation, and knowledge transfer to colleagues.

Personal responsibility is essential in SCRUM projects, as they are based on the team’s self-organization and include a wide range of services.


Projects start quickly, but the last 20% require stamina and determination.

These qualities are necessary for successful completion. Initial successes are motivating, but true steadfastness only becomes apparent in production.
It requires a solid mentality to ensure the developed system reaches its final point.

Carsten Spräner

Quick Overview

As a seasoned full-stack developer with over 20 years of experience, I specialize in crafting long-lasting Java web applications and dynamic frontends.

My preferred combination is Spring Boot and Angular, a proven formula for successful projects that endure for years.

I work with business owners who prioritize quality and long-term investments, ensuring that every dollar spent translates into lasting success.

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