06/2021 – 11/2021: Global Retailer

Implementing user stories on an international till.

The project builds and maintains the till for a global retailer. The project was organized as a scaled SCRUM project. Technically, it was built in 100% pure Java, with nearly all software components self-developed.


  • Developing under Eclipse with Java 8
  • Highly model-driven development with UML and TREND-Framework
  • Running under JBoss
  • Organized with Jira and GitHub
  • Build with maven
  • 95 % of self-developed software
  • Pure Java knowledge required


Developing user stories in a scaled SCRUM-Team with pure Java. Organizing the cross-team development in the Planning Chapter.


Java 8, PostgreSQL, Eclipse, TREND, JUnit, Mockito, maven, GIT, Jira, Confluence, SCRUM

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