07/2023 – Today: Prototype of a Symfony Application (Own Development)

Comparison of the cross-language concepts of Spring Boot and Symfony.

In the context of further education and for training purposes, an application was developed with Spring Boot and Symfony in parallel. The goal was to compare Spring-Boot and Symfony concepts and develop a small application that can be run on a server. The application was made publicly available on IONOS.

See https://symfony.spraener.de


  • Implementing the backend using Symfony as an API server and comparing it to API development in Spring Boot
  • Front-end development with TWIG compared to Thymeleaf
  • Deploying a web component for use in any web application
  • Model-driven development with cgv19 (see above)


Conception of the implementation with Symfony using a model-driven approach. Comparison of concepts between Spring Boot and Symfony. Implement the backend with Symfony, the frontend with TWIG, and the web component with JavaScript.


Symfony 5, PhpStorm, Visual Paradigm, PHP-8, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS 3, cgv19

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