01/2002 – 07/2005: Insurance

Sales system for the agencies of an insurance company.

The system includes all business transactions required by an insurance company agency. The project was focused on the reimplementation of the creation of offers and contracts. These transactions need to be integrated into the legacy system.


  • Creating a J2EE-Framework to replace the old offer and contract system
  • Automatic testing of the application to deliver high-quality software.
  • Supporting stand-alone operation mode for Laptops.
  • Supporting operating on a J2EE Container platform (WebSphere)
  • Supporting different database systems for offline and online operation – Integrating a validation and calculation framework (VP/MS)
  • Redesign the development process to get a very short Time-To-Market


Consulting in architecture, implementation, and tests.


Ant, ANTLR, C, CVS, DB2, HTML, J2EE, Java, JavaScript, JDBC, JUnit, MDA, NetBeans, OJB, OOA, OOD, OR-Mapping, OS/2, SQL, Swing, Test automation, UML, VisualAge for Java, VP/MS, WebSphere Application Server, XML, XSL

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