10/2023 – Today: Transportation (Rails)

Modernization of a productive application to current software components.

An existing internal application will be converted to modern and currently secure components as part of the contract.
Struts-1, Spring 3, Hibernate 3, and similar outdated systems will be replaced. Stability in production had to be guaranteed under all circumstances for the changeover duration.


  • Creation and implementation of JUnit tests
  • Replacing outdated APIs with new versions
  • Conversion of the built environment to Docker / docker-compose 
  • Conversion of the production environment to Docker
  • General maintenance and care
  • Guaranteeing production stability


Conception, implementation, and testing of the newly implemented functions with comparative JUnit tests. Converted the backend from Hibernate Criteria API to JPA Builder API and identified software problems during the conversion. Creation of a set of web tests for automatic quality assurance of new versions with HtmlUnit. Introduction of Docker as built and production environment.


Struts-1, Docker, Docker-Compose, Java, Spring 6, Hibernate 6, Angular, JUnit, Mockito, HtmlUnit, Jira, SCRUM

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