Spring Boot

Using KeyCloak on your local machine

Every project with more than one user must have some authentication and authorization. These days, there is a quite handy and easy to user solution for user management that comes in a project called [KeyCloak](https://www.keycloak.org/ “KeyCloak”). KeyCloak provides all necessary functionality like user registration, sign-in, and sign-in via Google, Facebook, and whatnot, all with support for modern standards like OICD.

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06/2023: IT Service Industry

KeyCloak as SAML-Provider for a Spring-Boot Application. In preparation for a workshop, a Spring-Boot application was created with KeyCloak as the identity provider. A user can log into the application via SAML or a Magic Link. The Magic Link is sent to the user by mail. Details Activities Implementation of the entire prototype. Creation of

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04/2014 – 12/2016: Insurance

Combined calculator for life insurance. The customer wanted a calculator for several products in the life insurance domain. The calculator must integrate several systems and present them as one new product. Thus, all contracts can be sold as one product. Details Activities Responsible for the architecture, leading the development team, and optimization of time-critical processes.

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