06/2023: IT Service Industry

KeyCloak as SAML-Provider for a Spring-Boot Application.

In preparation for a workshop, a Spring-Boot application was created with KeyCloak as the identity provider. A user can log into the application via SAML or a Magic Link. The Magic Link is sent to the user by mail.


  • Implementing a Spring-Boot application with public and protected areas and using the SAML protocol
  • Implementation of a KeyCloak plugin for Magic Link creation
  • Connection of the application to a KeyCloak instance
  • Configuration of KeyCloak as SAML provider and creation of a realm for the prototype
  • Creation of Magic Links for direct login into the protected area
  • Creation of multi-layer Dockerfiles for easy operation on any Docker-enabled system
  • Deployment of the whole system via docker-compose, including database, KeyCloak, Spring boot application


Implementation of the entire prototype. Creation of Dockerfiles to build and run the systems. Deployment of the entire system via docker-compose. Availability via GitHub.


Java 17, Spring-Boot 3, KeyCloak, Docker, docker-compose, SAML, OIDC, MagicLink

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