10/2023 – Today: Transportation (Rails)

Modernization of a productive application to current software components. An existing internal application will be converted to modern and currently secure components as part of the contract.Struts-1, Spring 3, Hibernate 3, and similar outdated systems will be replaced. Stability in production had to be guaranteed under all circumstances for the changeover duration. Details Activities Conception, […]

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Using KeyCloak on your local machine

Every project with more than one user must have some authentication and authorization. These days, there is a quite handy and easy to user solution for user management that comes in a project called [KeyCloak]( “KeyCloak”). KeyCloak provides all necessary functionality like user registration, sign-in, and sign-in via Google, Facebook, and whatnot, all with support for modern standards like OICD.

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06/2023: IT Service Industry

KeyCloak as SAML-Provider for a Spring-Boot Application. In preparation for a workshop, a Spring-Boot application was created with KeyCloak as the identity provider. A user can log into the application via SAML or a Magic Link. The Magic Link is sent to the user by mail. Details Activities Implementation of the entire prototype. Creation of

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10/2014 – 02/2022: E-Commerce

Backend-Application for eBay-Dealers (Book market). The project creates and maintains a platform for eBay dealers. It simplifies the creation of new offers and tracks the stock with the offers on eBay. It integrates data from eBay, book databases, and distributors. The system was built with Vaadin on a GlassFish container. Later, it was migrated to

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06/2018 – 06/2019: Insurance

Developing a migration strategy for a family of projects. A family of projects built with ant and running under J2EE containers must be divided into separate modules. The migration should be done for each module. All migrated and non-migrated modules must use the same code base to minimize project risk. Details Activities Project leader, presentation

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01/2018 – 12/2018: Insurance

Introducing optical scans for vehicle registration. A scan of the vehicle registration form replaced the vehicle data acquisition. The user scans a QR code with his smartphone, takes a photo of the form, and uploads it into the system. The system sends the picture to a connected image recognition service and fills recognized data into

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