What’s the hack…?

Weave-Media is a technology to integrate your customers smart phones into your business processes. In case a photo can be useful to support your process weave-media is might a quite good solution to you… For example:

  • reading data from an identity card
  • scanning data from vehicle registration to estimate a car insurance
  • sending fotos of a damage to customers support in a online chat

in all this cases you can use the weave-media technology to easy integrate photos into a running business process. 

What do i need to do?

The frontend of weave-media is implemented as a web component. There for you have to:
1) load the java-script file into your page
2) at the position you want to display the frontend enter <wm-display></wm-display>

Thats it.! 

Give it a try…

How can i integrate it on my site?

The code to add this functionality to your website is very small. In the head of your page add the following two lines:

<!-- Load the polyfills first -->
<script src="https://unpkg.com/@webcomponents/webcomponentsjs/webcomponents-loader.js"></script>
<!-- Now the most browsers can handle web components, load the wm-display tag -->
<script src="http://symfony.spraener.de/js/wm-display.js"></script>

This will add a custom html tag to your page. Inside the page you can now add the wm-display tag as follows:


That’s it.


If you want, you can set a titel and a userinfo property as follows:

   titel="This is the title of the MediaRequest"
   userinfo="it would be very nice if you press the button, scan the QRCode and send us a photo"></wm-display>

The titel and userinfo can be used to describe your needs.


In the free version there are 3 restrictions to avoid server overload.
1) Every uploaded picture is shrinked to 1M-Pixel size.
2) A media request is deleted after 12 hours.
3) The system runs on my self hosted server. This server is down from 0:00 to 07:00 CEST.

WeaveMedia as WordPress Plugin

There’s also a WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate WeaveMedia into your page. That works as simple as adding a wm-display hook to your page. Like this one

If you don’t want the complete display but only the QR-Code visible, you should use the wm-qrcode hook. This shows only the QR code:

All uploaded images can be listed by a wm-imglist hook like this:

You want more?

No problem. Let’s talk about how we can integrate weave-media into your own business process and in your environment. Give me a call (Tel: 0049 170 7342810) or send an email at carsten@spraener.de.